Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Death of Mr. Wolf

“I’m fed up. I’m through with women,” says the wolf. “Why, I’ll kill myself if I even look at another babe!” And that’s what he does when Red Hot Riding Hood makes her return appearance on stage. But the wolf’s ghost rises up and repeats his animated actions from when he first saw Red earlier in the cartoon.

The animators in “Red Hot Riding Hood” weren’t credited, but I suspect they were Preston Blair, Ray Abrams and Ed Love.


  1. I can think of only one instance in which a lead cartoon character was actually "killed off". of course, the character was revived in the 1980's...

  2. In light of what gags today are and aren't censored, it's ironic this is the alternate ending Tex chose, instead of having the wolf and all his male kids fathered by the surprisingly-still-fertile Grandma howling at Red's performance -- an end gag that would have no problem being aired today (this suicide gag probably survived the censors' wrath longer than the others because the pacing's so fast from the double-barreled shooting to the ghost wolf carrying on as if nothing's happened).

  3. Seems like it the way it was executed, literally!