Friday, 23 May 2014

Swat the Dog

Foghorn Leghorn swats the barnyard dog in “All Fowled Up” (released 1955). These are consecutive drawings; the second, fourth, fifth and sixth drawings make up a cycle afterward.

Bob McKimson directed this with two B-list animators from the Chuck Jones unit, Dick Thompson and Keith Darling, joining Phil De Lara on this short, which was made just before the studio shut down for about six months beginning June 15, 1953.

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  1. IIRC, the McKimson unit was laid off first as part of the 3-D craze and the backlog of cartoons by early 1953, and this was the last one done before Bob was let go. So as with Avery's final two shorts at MGM that used Hanna-Barbera's animators, this may have been one that was started by McKimson's unit and then finished by Chuck's back-ups before they also got the ax (Bob's first two shorts after the studio reopened seem to have been started before the layoff, since Sid Marcus gets the story credit, and Bob does the lion's share of the animation).