Monday, 19 May 2014

I'm Here to Help Ya, Son

Sureshot the exterminator shows up to help Porky Pig with the termite problem in “The Pest That Came to Dinner.”

The animation of the smiling Sureshot is lots of fun all through the cartoon. There are lots of multiples and brush strokes when he flings open Porky’s front door, grabs the phone next the supine pig’s and tells him “I’m here to help ya, son.” I suspect it’s all Don Williams’ work.

These drawings are consecutive. They’re each shot on two frames.

Multiple eyes.

These drawings are also consecutive on twos.

There are lots of great gestures, like Sureshot supporting his body in mid-air with the plunger, and reactions by Porky that you can really appreciate viewing this part of the cartoon frame-by-frame.

Bill Melendez, John Carey and Basil Davidovich get animation credits besides Williams in another fine cartoon from the Art Davis unit (though the final scene strikes me as superfluous).

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  1. Yup, Yowp, the frames you've displayed are all Don Williams. If only we knew who did all the great drybrush and painting effects on cel for the multiple eyes, etc. I'll bet Martha Sigall would know!