Monday, 12 May 2014

Heaven Scent Scaredy Cat

Semi-stylised dogs scare a semi-stylised cat in “Heaven Scent” (released 1956). Ernie Nordli was the designer in the Chuck Jones unit during this period. His layout designs were influenced by UPA but, at least in this cartoon, not as abstract as UPA could get.

This being a Pepé Le Pew cartoon, you pretty well know what’s going to happen in it.

Recognise the name in the window in the first frame?

Ken Harris, Ben Washam, Dick Thompson and Abe Levitow are the animators.

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  1. And not long after this short, Jones would end up moonlighting at UPA to work on "Gay Puree", only to have his contractual employers find him out, thus indignantly ending his career at WB.