Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bubble Diggity Gum Ziggity

You wouldn’t think of having a beer with Perry Como, let alone a double scotch. Maybe a chocolate malted. He was the most easy-going, non-threatening man on television. His records were like a Sunday drive in the country, or feeding ducks in a pond in the local park while kids played on nearby swings. Relaxed, pleasant, innocuous. He was the nice guy down the street that might stop to help weed your lawn for a bit. Somehow, through it all, he never came across as hokey.

Perry Como would have been 102 today.

Perhaps instead of a malted, you might have had a soft drink with him. We know which one he preferred—for a fee, of course. This ad was one of a series in Sponsor magazine in 1946.

And here are a couple more ads, one featuring another laid-back singer. Both perhaps are a little infamous for reports of how they reared their children.


  1. Didn't realize Fleer as a company is no more.

  2. I didn't know Fleer could help you deal with teen problems...