Monday, 7 April 2014

Train Hits Kid

Junior the would-be hot rod has rescued his taxi-cab dad by pushing him out of the path of an oncoming train in “One Cab’s Family.”

But then he realises he can’t get away from the train in time. There are four frames of the wide-eyed Junior (the stop sign is all that’s animated) before the train comes into the picture. He’s run over in three consecutive frames.

Junior survives because, well, Tex Avery built up the little guy to be loveable, so pulling off a comedic, “Sad ending, isn’t it?” sign gag wouldn’t work.

Grant Simmons, Mike Lah and Walt Clinton are the credited animators.


  1. That locomotive would be a Great Northern E7, typical of those used on the "Empire Builder" in the late 1940s.