Friday, 4 April 2014

Horse on the Barrel

There’s an exciting chase in “Betty Boop’s Prize Show” (1934), where Betty tries to stop Phillip the Fiend from firing at Fearless Fred who’s chasing them on horseback.

Ah, but this is taking place on stage. We get to see the stage machinery in place. A piece of stage setting is pushed away and reveals the horse is riding in place on barrels.

We can tell the horse is a bad guy because he’s smoking a cigar and has a nasty look on his face.

Myron Waldman and Lillian Friedman get the animation credits.

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  1. Betty at the start of her post-Hays code period. The concept of having a boyfriend in Fearless Fred as part of a stage play is easier to take than the idea of Betty actually having a boyfriend in real (cartoon) life in Fearless Fred, as in "There's Something About a Soldier". Audiences of the day apparently felt the same way, since Fred's stay was brief and we ended up with Pudgy and Grampy as supporting characters instead (subbing Pudgy for Fred really isn't much of an improvement, story-wise, but Waldman's creation definitely was financially profitable over the past 80 years).