Thursday, 27 June 2013

Snafu's Sally Lou

Only in animated cartoons could a putz like Private Snafu attract a woman like this.

There are bare breasts in women’s pictures in a background drawing in “Censored” (1944) but director Frank Tashlin doesn’t show any in the animation. No, they weren’t censored; “Censored” in this cartoon refers to mail from servicemen being sent home. Besides, Tashlin shows lots of leg, which I’m quite sure he was happy with.

Tashlin’s unit had Izzy Ellis and Cal Dalton at the time. Thad Komorowski reminds me Artie Davis was also in it and had arrived from Columbia before Tashlin.


  1. Must have been the uniform...

  2. Something that surprised me is that the music cue for Sally Lou's entrance starting at 3:08 is "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning" from the Rodgers & Hammerstein shown "Oklahoma!". I wonder how Warner's got the the rights to use it ? Usually C. Stalling would use music owned by Warner's or public domain tunes. Did Warner's publish Rodgers & Hammerstein's music at that time ? I've never heard any other R & H music "quoted" in a Warner's cartoon.