Thursday, 6 June 2013

Just Givin' My Bosses a Plug

“I’ve got an option comin’ up!”

Virgil Ross gets the animation credit on “Daffy Duck in Hollywood,” one of Tex Avery’s great Warners cartoons.

Let us give a plug for a terrific blog. Frank Young is very ably writing about each of Tex Avery’s cartoons, in chronological order, made for the Leon Schlesinger studio, analysing Avery’s development and evolution as a filmmaker and humourist. Avery came to full flower during the war years after he was hired at MGM, so his Warners cartoons tend to be comparatively neglected. But considering Avery’s importance and influence in the field of animated comedy, his Warners cartoons deserve a critical examination and breakdown. Frank is more than up to the task. I strongly urge you—though if you’re a Tex Avery fan, you need no urging from me—to click on each of Frank’s new posts and read what he has to say. His posts can be found in the sidebar or by going HERE.

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