Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Fake Mickey Sighting

A Mickey Mouse skeleton gag? Not at all.

This is one of the ersatz New York City studio Mickeys, in this case from the Bimbo cartoon “The Bum Bandit” (1931), with the animation credits going to Willard Bowsky and Al Eugster. Eugster later wound up at the Disney studio.

As usual with an early Fleischer sound cartoon, there are lots of fun little bits, including talking guns, a complaining bird and cow and a dog-eared Betty Boop walking on people’s heads.


  1. I suppose the difference between the Fleischers and Van Buren was the animator here (I'm guessing Bowsky due to his love of scary/morbid images) and Dave Fleischer just did a quick-hit jab at Walt's creation, while John Foster down the block was making the Mickey-Minnie clones the stars of the picture. One's worth suing over, the other makes you look like a petty, humorless jerk if you file a copyright infringement complaint.

  2. I immediately could tell the Fleischers produced this cartoon without ever seeing it for myself.