Monday, 18 February 2013

Porky's a Drip

Pick a favourite Bob Clampett cartoon, you ask? Forget it. Impossible. But I’ve always loved “Porky in Wackyland” since I was a kid, especially when the Do-Do rides out on the Warner Bros. shield. There’s so much bizarre stuff to look at.

Here are a few frames from just one scene where Porky turns into a drip. The Do-Do lures him into the entrance of a shaft.

And out a faucet somewhere in Wackyland.

The drip (part of which splashes away) reconstitutes into Porky.

Izzy Ellis and Norm McCabe get the animation credits. There’s no story credit.

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  1. It may be because I saw the remake before the original, but in this case I actually prefer the replacement gag Freleng used in "Dough for the Do-Do", which has Porky walking through the sign's opening and then apparently falling, until we see after the pull-back that he's actually floating in front of a moving vertical background, and finally hits the ground when the background finishes unspooling.

    Like the WB shield gag or the later 'mountains on a curtain" bit, it visually breaks the fourth wall between what we're supposed to believe is animated reality and the techniques that are used to create the cartoon.