Monday, 25 February 2013

Popeye's Butt

Cartoon writers love butts.

Butts in cartoons are shot at, slapped with boards, attacked by buzz saws and errant arrows, kicked by donkeys, stuck in chamber pots. Characters land on them after a long fall. But only in a Popeye cartoon would one be punch-massaged.

The cartoon in question is “Let You and Him Fight.” I’ve always liked the openings of the original Popeye cartoons. The name of the cartoon is drawn in a rope calligraphic; I don’t believe the studio did it that way again.

The sound of Mae Questel is not in this cartoon; someone else is Olive. The sound of a desk drawer closing is in this cartoon; at least, I think that’s how the got the sound of the ship’s doors closing. Willard Bowsky and Bill Sturm received the animation credits.

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  1. I presume Olive Oyl's voice is provided by Bonnie Poe, aka worst voice actress for the Fleischer's ever.