Thursday, 24 January 2013

Retrieving Larrimore

“Easy, Rover. That’s no way to retrieve a duck,” says Daffy to Larrimore the Dog in “To Duck or Not to Duck” (1943). “Look!” And Daffy then flips under him and grabs the dog’s mid-section (which sags under the weight) by the beak. Here are a few of the drawings.

Then Daffy throws him to the ground. A few more drawings. Fine rubbery animation here.

Chuck Jones made some fine Daffy cartoons in the ‘40s before he changed the duck’s personality to a bitter fall-guy, er, fall-duck. I like the old Daffy better. Tedd Pierce wrote the story.

There’s some interesting smear animation in this cartoon from Bobe Cannon, who gets the only animation credit.


  1. Isn't that Charlie Dog? In one cartoon, when Bugs is boxing a huge prize fighter, Charlie says that something's funny about the fight, "Or my name's not Larrimore... And it isn't!"

  2. No, it's not Charlie Dog.

  3. Yes, I love the old Daffy too. The new Daffy to me is like the modern Bugs Bunny, which made me not like Bugs Bunny until I started watching the old cartoons and I loved him.