Friday, 4 January 2013

If You're Ever Down in Texas

One of my favourite pieces of animation in a Tom and Jerry cartoon is in “Texas Tom” (1950) when the cat goes all western and serenades a girl kitty.

Tom strolls out, jingle-jangle-jingling in his cowboy garb. He ever-so-casually flicks up his hat to the lady (where did he suddenly develop such skill?)

Then he rolls his own cigarette and blows smoke into the air. The smoke forms an introduction.

Next, he pulls a guitar out of nowhere and inherits Ken Darby’s voice as he sings “If You’re Ever Down in Texas (Look Me Up).” He even steals a stretchy kiss.

And, as a silly bonus, Joe Barbera’s story unexpectedly tosses in a chorus of cows for a couple of bars. First, the moms, then a pan over to the calves.

Jerry, of course, moves in to gum up things.

The usual MGM Hanna-Barbera crew worked on this one—Ken Muse, Ray Patterson, Ed Barge and Irv Spence.

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