Thursday, 5 July 2012

A Fish!

Wild takes? Not only in Tex Avery cartoons. Shamus Culhane pulled off a great one in “Fish Fry” (1944).

Andy Panda, carrying his pet fish in a bowl, strolls past a mangy alley cat checking out fish remnants in the garbage for dinner. The cat realises what he just saw. The drawings are on twos, except for the second-last one which is held for four frames.

You’ll notice the fourth drawing has an outline of the cat. Outlines were fairly popular in action sequences in Walter Lantz cartoons about this time.

Emery Hawkins and La Verne Harding get the only animation credits here. I don’t know who else worked on this; Don Williams and Les Kline, perhaps? The cat was designed by Art Heinemann. There’s an even more outrageous (and fluid) take later in the cartoon I’ll post in a few weeks.

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  1. My favorite scene is the one in which the cat feigns dehydration in a fisherman's apparel, courtesy of Emery Hawkins.