Friday, 6 April 2012

My, Weren’t There a Lot of Skunks in Here?

“Now, all’a you skunks clear out of here!” said Yosemite Sam. So they did.

Gotta love Sam’s dead-eye look when he blasts at the skunk. Look at how Sam pulls his head back. Great attention to detail.

‘Bugs Bunny Rides Again’ is one of my favourite Bugs cartoons. Friz Freleng made a bunch of great ones about this time (the cartoon was released in 1948). The credited animators are his usual bunch—Virgil Ross, Ken Champin, Manny Perez and Gerry Chiniquy.


  1. Virgil Ross animation at the screen-grabs:

    Opening: Bugs and Sam - "You're getting outta town": Virgil Ross
    "Alright you wise guy, DANCE": Ken Champin
    Shoedance sequence: Gerry Chinniquy
    "Poor little maroon, so trusting, so naive": Champin
    Sam stepping over the lines - falling down cliff: Manny Perez
    Bugs running down cliff - throws mattress away: Champin
    Horse duel sequence; card game: Chinniquy
    "Have a nice trip, etc" - Ending: Perez

  2. that breakdown was done by Zartok-35 for me.