Monday, 9 April 2012

I Wanna Easter Egg

Nothing quite conveys the message of Easter than a bratty kid bashing Elmer Fudd’s head that’s been decorated as a candy egg.

This is from the 1947 Warner’s cartoon “Easter Yeggs.” You should recognise the early Bob McKimson directorial style. The credited animators are Dick Bickenbach, Chuck McKimson and Izzy Ellis. Thad Komorowski reveals this is a Bick scene.

Rachel Newstead reviews the cartoon HERE.

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  1. Along with Jones' "Fresh Airedale", this cartoon was a perfect display of how comedy cynicism was alive and well in cartoons of the mid-1940s. The irony is after blowing up the Easter Bunny in 1947, McKimson was forced to take it back 30 years later in his final work for Warner Brothers before his death, with the saccharin-sweet "We knew it all the time" ending to 1977's "Bugs Bunny's Easter Special".

    J.L. and Eddie Seltzer turned out to be more permissive than the executives at CBS (no doubt because "Easter Yeggs" was released to appeal to everyone in the theater, while CBS was targeting Bugs towards the kiddies, even though the special aired in prime-time). And since the same kids watching the show had been watching "Easter Yeggs" for years, they wouldn't have had any problem with Bugs blowing up a rabbit-suited Daffy (even if the responsible children's television advocates would have howled at the network).