Friday, 2 March 2012

Moo Moo Moo! Baa Baa Baa!

I still laugh every time I watch “Drag-A-Long Droopy” and see the scene where the steer goes “Moo, moo, moo! Baa, baa, baa!” to the wolf. It’s just so silly. But it makes perfect sense. How else would a bull communicate that sheep eating all the landscape are coming?

Oh, that’s right. He can communicate in English. “Sheep, ya durned fool!”

Give Tex a Western setting and he’ll come up with a funny cartoon. It’s the Law of the West, you know.

Here’s the Johnny Johnsen background just before the bull enters, running in perspective at an angle along the road toward the camera.

A fine team of animators worked on this one—Mike Lah, Walt Clinton, Grant Simmons, Bob Bentley and Ray Patterson, on loan from the Hanna-Barbera unit. Tex himself plays the wolf and the steer, with Bill Thompson as Droopy.


  1. By the time Tex made this one, MGM had done seven Lassie movies, and I kind of suspect the main lot's dog cliches were the inspiration for this gag (just as the gag where the Wolf's cowboy hat is gunned down to the size of a Beany copter seems to be Avery's gag at the expense of Bob Clampett). And, yea, "Moo, moo moo! Bah, bah, bah!" is still funny.

  2. "Come on horse, we'll head 'em off at the pass!"

  3. "Y'all see that fly on that mesa yonder?" LOL...that was always a favorite of mine!