Friday, 16 March 2012

Kissed a Cow

The highlight of any of the Red cartoons at MGM is the nightclub scene, where we get to watch Tex Avery and whoever’s writing with him figure out how many different ways to come up with takes for the wolf. But, of course, Avery gives us more than that.

I’ve always liked the cow kissing gag in “Little Rural Riding Hood” (1949), probably because of Pinto Colvig’s great delivery as he states the obvious to the audience. A few drawings of the rubbery wolf:

Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton, Mike Lah and Bobe Cannon get the animation credit here.

This was the last of Tex’s Red cartoons. Considering the way it whips along and tosses gags and routines at you before you know it, perhaps he felt it couldn’t be topped. And he’d probably be right.


  1. I'm not so great with Tex Avery animator IDs; but I'm willing to guess that this might be Bobe Cannon. But I'm not sure.

  2. Maybe my favorite cartoon of all time.