Thursday, 1 March 2012

Canned Feud Zap

One of Sylvester’s best acting jobs is in “Canned Feud,” where he’s desperate to eat anything but needs a can opener that a sadistic mouse won’t let him have. There are great drawings all over the place.

Sylvester gets shocked with electricity in one scene. It starts out with drawings on twos. None are really a take because they aren’t seen long enough to establish. Combined, they show Sylvester being flung all over the place.

Then the fur fries off him on ones. Finally, all that’s left is the white poof at the end of his tail. And after just enough time, the poof goes ‘poof.’

Five animators get credit on this one—John Carey, Art Davis, Ken Champin, Virgil Ross and Manny Perez. Evidently Sid Farren was an assistant on this because his name is hidden in the title card, over which is played Raymond Scott’s ‘Huckleberry Duck.’

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