Monday, 11 September 2017

Banquet Busting

Dick Lundy and his animators made some of the nicest-looking cartoons for Walter Lantz in the late ‘40s, and maybe his very best timed the pantomimed action to classical music.

Here are some frames from Banquet Busters. Look at the change from the graceful Woody Woodpecker to the jagged-taking shocked expression when the smell of food stangles him.

The camera pans along with Woody and the odour as the woodpecker acquires a napkin, then grabs a knife and fork from a table to hide inside the covered platter which waiter Wally Walrus is carrying.

Woody has obviously eaten the roast pig (leaving nary a bone). He zips out of the frame to end the scene. I’ll bet you this is all Pat Matthews’ work.

Perhaps it’s all for the best. Wally was trying to serve a roast pig to Mrs. Gloria Van Gutton—who is a pig!

Matthews and Les Kline receive the animation credits, with Jack Cosgriff and Bugs Hardaway getting the story credit on screen.


  1. You're correct, Yowp. This is all Pat Matthews' work on display..

  2. What's the diff? Woody never has a problem gorging on roast turkey/chicken.

    1. Why would he? He's neither a turkey nor a chicken.