Thursday, 23 March 2017

Stopping the Bull

An annoyed bull (played by Frank Graham) is added into the plot half way through The Hick Chick (1946). Here’s a scene where the Clem Kadiddlehopper rooster catches the bull’s tail in a door. It rips his skin off, which becomes a running gag.

Here is a pan (in two parts) from right to left, stopping on the bull. Tex Avery and writer Heck Allen dig up the old meat markings gag. (I don’t know who used it first, but it was in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon Hollywood Matador in 1942).

Preston Blair, Ed Love, Walt Clinton and Ray Abrams animated the cartoon.


  1. Rewatching the cartoon, and considering the bull (voiced by Graham) discusses suicide at one point, you have to have a frisson from that.

  2. One of my favorite Tex Avery running gags!