Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Redundant Squirrel

It would seem logical to escape from a mental hospital, you would saw the bars off your cell door. Or you would climb over a gate at the outside wall. That’s what Screwy Squirrel does in Happy-Go-Nutty (1944). Except he doesn’t need to. The door and gate are both open. But one must follow the routine for the sake of following a routine, mustn’t one? That can be a definition of insanity, can’t it? No one wonder Screwy was locked away.

Some dry brush strokes help Screwy in his getaway.

Ray Abrams, Ed Love and Preston Blair are the animators in this one.


  1. Love those types of " Why??! "gags. Escaping through prison doors that are already open, and leaping over a gate while the other gate door is wide open, reminds me of the same logic Laurel and Hardy used in " The Music Box ". After attempting to climb the steep steps with a crated piano, and falling back down many times, they finally get it to the front door. The mailman ( Charlie Hall ) informs our heroes that there is a back road they can easily drive to take the crate to the front door. Instead of remembering that for next time, they carry the piano all the way back down the rolls of steps, and drive it up to the house up!. Screwy Squirrel and the boys most have known each other-Ha!!

  2. Just as Tom Sawyer said in "Huckleberry Finn", routine must be followed.