Thursday, 2 March 2017

Golfing With a Cat

Let’s see. In The Invisible Mouse (1947), Tom hurts Jerry by clobbering him with a book. That’s it. Jerry hurts Tom by, well, all kinds of ways. Most of them happen because the home they live in happens to have a chemical set resting on a countertop (doesn’t every home?) that Jerry uses to turn himself invisible.

The cartoon has a series of golf club gags at the end. The invisible mouse bashes Tom in the you-know-where (Joe Barbera loved butt-hurt gags), then crunks a bulldog on the head, who grabs the club and takes it from there.

The cartoon ends with Jerry becoming visible again by drinking chocolate milk.

I don’t know where Ken Muse was, but he’s not credited on this cartoon. Ed Barge and Irv Spence are, along with Bick Bickenbach and Don Patterson, Ray’s brother.


  1. Because of the impact drawings that are used in the bulldog scene I used to think it was Irv Spence, but it's really Bickenbach. There are subtle differences but overall his animation is very similar to Spence's.

  2. Not a Tom and Jerry I like. Those cartoons work better for me when the pair is more evenly matched. Here, Tom never really has a chance.

  3. I saw Muse for just a few seconds: In the beginning when the iron is dropped on Tom's foot (and possibly the two of them sliding down the railing) and when Tom picks up the book after he sees Jerry's shadow.