Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Barney's In The Army Now

Barney Bear spent his entire career in cartoons getting put upon. In “The Rookie Bear” (1941), Barney’s name comes up in the military draft and he thinks he’s going on a holiday when he’s actually been inducted into the U.S. Army (it’s all a dream, with Rudy Ising’s writer providing a twist at the end).

Barney looks around his new tourist digs and backs into a mounted machine gun, which he sets off by accident. Here are some of the drawings. They’re used several times in the scene.

Barney stumbles away and into the next disaster when mortar cannon go off.

The cartoon only bears Ising’s credit, so we’ll leave it to the experts to say who worked on it (Bill Littlejohn was one of the animators, I gather). I understand the narrator is Gayne Whitman, who did narration work for RKO on some military shorts when the war really got going. He also wrote and narrated the Popular Science shorts for Paramount in the late ‘30s.


  1. This looks like Mike Lah's work to me, Yowp.

  2. "Only bears"...note unintended pun.

    This has some greats gags, as when the dream ends (you gave it away, Yowp!), the corn popping segueing to "real-life" popcorn bit, the "bridgework' in Barney's teeth with a sort of "Gran Canyon Suite" mule clop effect, which only misses a "toll plaza", and then the POST-wakeup SURPRISE gag with the next doorbell ring.SC