Monday, 18 April 2016

Hey, It's the Warner Bros. Shield!

My all-time favourite gag in a Bob Clampett cartoon? When I was a kid, I could easily tell you. It’s when the Warners shield appeared out of nowhere with the Do-Do bird on it in Porky in Wackyland.

Note how it’s just a speck in the second frame below. In this third, if you blow it up, you can see it’s a mini-Warners shield.

Some frames.

And around it turns and it’s on to the next gag.

Norm McCabe and Izzy Ellis are the credited animators.


  1. It was so nice they done it twice (in "Dough for the Do-Do". And I still have trouble figuring out if it's better in color or black n' white).

    And that NBC-like chime completes it.

  2. DAFFY DUCK: (writing "Warner Bros." in the air, in cigar smoke) "Hoo-hoo! Just givin' my bosses a plug! I've got an option comin' up!!" -"Daffy Duck In Hollywood" (1938)

  3. Also, this looks like it could be Izzy Ellis' work, but i'm not sure....

  4. IIRC, the print Ch. 9 in New York used to show back in the 1960s cut the zooming shield gag out. I'm assuming that was done by Guild Films to eliminate the Warners reference, but it's possible it could have been some sort of oddball censorship on the part of WOR.

    1. That probably was the reason.
      ABC used to cut the gag too when they aired "Dough for the Do-Do". However, i don't know if it was because of the WB shield, or because of the Do-Do hitting Porky with a slingshot.

    2. I wonder if it had something to do with WB becoming Warner Brothers-Seven Arts in the late '60s, and they didn't use the WB shield during that time. IIRC, the colorized version of Porky in Wackyland had the WB shield gag removed, and I think that was done in the "W7" days.

  5. Replies
    1. If that's s question for me, Ch. 9 had the B&W Looney Tunes and 1933-35 Merrie Melodies B&W package in the 1960s, up until they were recalled and colorized by Seven Arts.