Friday, 1 April 2016

50% Boxer, 100% Stolen Gag

The narrator doesn’t say “50% Pointer, 50% Irish Setter,” but it’s the same gag as you saw in those Charlie Dog cartoons at Warners. Terrytoons’ The Dog Show features a scene where we’re told that amongst the contestants are a watchdog (wearing a bunch of watches), the Pointer (its tail turns into a pointing hand), the Spitz (it ptuis into three cuspidors that sound like the NBC chimes).

Another is “the powerful boxer.” You know what the gag’s going to be.

The cartoon’s supposed to be set in a dog show, but the plot cuts away from the competition so it can fit in another borrowed gag about the drunken St. Bernard rescue dog. And I like how there’s a three-man chorus on stage but you can hear a woman singing in the background. Paul Terry’s paid for a mixed chorus so he’d better hear all of them every time there’s singing!

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