Friday, 26 February 2016

The Owl and the Woodpecker

Someone at the Lantz studio in the early ‘40s loved outline drawings of Woody Woodpecker. If nothing else, it made action a little faster. In his self-titled cartoon, Woody is threatened by a large owl (played by Danny Webb).

Woody twirls around. These are consecutive frames.

Woody is backed into a tree. Note the size of his head in the first drawing.

Woody becomes multiples as he tries to escape. These are consecutive frames.

Alex Lovy and Ray Fahringer receive screen credit for animation credit but logic dictates more people worked on this one, perhaps Les Kline and La Verne Harding.

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  1. I believe Webb also provided the vocals to that "hungry little kitty cat you just read about" in 'Pantry Panic' (1941). Same grovelly voice and everything.