Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Little Rural Riding Hood

The rural wolf (Pinto Colvig) can’t control himself after city Red finishes her performance in Little Rural Riding Hood and races to the stage to do Avery-knows-what with her. He’s stopped by a mallet from the terribly reserved city wolf (Daws Butler), and rolls off scene like a wheelbarrow (his head is the squeaky front wheel).

Avery climaxes the cartoon by turning around the situation in the next sequence—the city wolf erupts into instant lust when he sees rural Red (Colleen Collins), only to have the mallet-wheelbarrel routine repeated by the smiling rural wolf.

Bobe Cannon, Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton and Mike Lah are the credited animators.


  1. Avery climaxes the cartoon...


  2. Very good- when you consider "Red's act" was lifted from "Swing Shift Cinderella".

  3. One of the last overt examples of Tex sticking it to Disney, in this case by taking Colvig's familiar voice for Goofy and sticking it into his hyper-sexually excited rural bumpkin wolf. Definitely not something Walt would have let Jack Kinney get away with, even if he was off in South America or too busy working on his California theme park.

    1. Donald Duck is quite the horndog in The Three Caballeros.