Monday, 22 February 2016

He's Right

There’s a long pan across a background a prairie background from Droopy and his insatiable grazing sheep to a cattle ranch owned by an unnamed wolf near the start of Drag-a-Long Droopy (released 1954). A sign reading “Bear Butte Ranch” with a fence, a bit of a road and a few steers are on a foreground overlay that’s panned and shot at a different rate of speed than the grazing cattle in the background. It was a comparatively inexpensive way to simulate depth and Avery used that 3-D trick in a bunch of cartoons at Warners and MGM.

Avery cuts to a shot of the wolf rancher on his front porch, surrounded by steers. The rancher (voiced by Avery himself) then casually remarks to the audience: “You know, I raise cattle.” In case we didn’t catch on.

Johnny Johnsen is the background artist, with animation credits going to Mike Lah, Ray Patterson, Grant Simmons, Walt Clinton and Bob Bentley.


  1. The cow imitating Lassie while trying to tell the wolf about the approaching sheep was a highlight of this bit.

    1. Barnyard Dawg performs a more elaborate version of this gag in Don't Axe Me (1958) that I've always enjoyed.

  2. “Sheep, ya durned fool!”