Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Yes, it is, Tex

You know the story of the Three Little Pigs. First pig, house of straw, huff and puff, etc. Ah, but if you set it during World War Two, a few new touches are added.

The Big Bad Wolf becomes Adolf Wolf and, since a war is underway, he has to use an instrument of war. However, since this is taking place in Tex Avery’s Blitz Wolf (1941), some ridiculous contraption has to be invented.

Because it’s a Tex Avery cartoon, we’re left with a typical Tex Avery sign.

The camera pans over to another sign. Hey, where did it come from? It wasn’t in the earlier shot.

Ah, best not to ask questions in a Tex Avery cartoon and just go along for the fun.

A “Gone With the Wind” sign gag appeared again in Avery’s “Swing Shift Cinderella."


  1. "The guy who wrote this corny gag- isn't with us any more." -"Batty Baseball" (1944)

  2. Battle of Pork Chop Hill? (Oops, wrong war).