Monday, 4 January 2016

School's Out, Sez Popeye

Popeye beats the crap out of anything and anybody in Sock-a-bye, Baby (1934). In one scene, framed by one of those great Fleischer urban background drawings, he punches all the musicians out of windows of a music school, sending them flying fore and aft.

Seymour Kneitel and Doc Crandall get the animation screen credits.


  1. ...and all to let "Buzzy Boop" sleep.

    1. The Baby in "SOCK A BYE, BABY" is NOT "Buzzy Boop". The baby that Popeye is watching over, is actually a cameo appearance of "Billy Boop", Betty Boop's little brother. "Buzzy Boop" is actually Betty Boop's little cousin who starred in TWO Betty Boop cartoons. The two cartoons that Buzzy Boop appears in are "BUZZY BOOP" released on July 29, 1938 and the other cartoon appearance of Buzzy is "BUZZY BOOP AT THE CONCERT" released September 16, 1938

  2. They partially remade this as "Quiet! Pleeze" in 1941, but by then Popeye's personality had been developed to the point most of the gruffness had been rubbed off, and the gags just didn't work as well as with the earlier personality, who'll wordlessly punch out anyone or anything to solve a problem.