Tuesday, 7 July 2015

People! Everywhere, People!

“Everywhere, people. Ah, mutiny. That’s what it is, folks, mutiny!” says The Cat That Hated People in the cartoon of the same name. Pat McGeehan (?) gives him a Jimmy Durante-like voice and he even slaps his sides like Durante.

They knock ya down.

Step on ya.

Walk on ya.

Step on ya.

Walk on ya. (Notice the recycled drawings)

Step on ya. Walk on ya. And kick ya.

The Avery unit is in transition here. Love-Abrams-Blair are gone. The credited animators are Walt Clinton, Louie Schmitt, Bill Shull and Grant Simmons.


  1. I remember hearing that same voice from "What's Buzzin', Buzzard?". Don't know the voice actor, though.

  2. One more time, Tex Avery rocks again!

  3. Also in WB's "A Hick, A Slick, and a Chick" and "Hoppy Daze" (1948n and 1960,respectively)....But it seems to be Stan Freberg in the first and Daws Butler in the second. Doubt that Pat MCGeehen was at WB..

  4. A hysterical Avery short, but you can tell the difference in the animation from his previous films. There are still some great poses/reaction takes, but the animation seems somewhat softer and less hard-edged as it probably would have looked with his former animators.

    It's akin to when Robert McKimson had a turnover in animators after the WB cartoon studio reopened after the six-month shutdown in 1953. There would be no more terrific Rod Scribner takes or Phil De Lara scenes in his post-shutdown shorts, but one could still tell they were viewing a McKimson cartoon.