Thursday, 2 July 2015

He's Droopy, Too

“Northwest Hounded Police” was like an experiment by Tex Avery to see how many variations of his outrageous, expanding-eye take he could shove into one cartoon.

I haven’t tried counting, but here’s one from an expanded routine where the wolf, desperately trying to escape from the ubiquitous Droopy, demands a plastic surgeon to give him a new face. So he gives him Droopy’s. The horrified wolf has the plastic surgeon change it back. He’s completely satisfied until he discovers the plastic surgeon now has Droopy’s head.

Part 1 is the head shake

Part 2 is the bulging eyes followed by the red veins in the eye becoming longer.

Part 3 is when the tongue expands and wags. Here’s one drawing.

Walt Clinton is now part Avery’s unit of Preston Blair, Ray Abrams and Ed Love. The wolf is played by Frank Graham.


  1. Wasn't this the first Droopy cartoon where Bill Thompson didn't voice Droopy? (I think it was Don Messick pinch-hitting for Thompson.)

  2. I think so.
    Messick was nowhere near Hollywood around this time.