Monday, 22 June 2015


The cattle-raising wolf chases after Droopy the sheepherder in the great Tex Avery cartoon “Drag-a-long Droopy.” The wolf gets off his horse outside a saloon.

He flips over. I imagine someone’s assistant worked on these drawings.

He gets up and rushes in.

Those of you familiar with the cartoon know this is the set up to the punch-line. The cattlemen in the saloon aren’t interested in the wolf’s cry to do something about the sheepherder Droopy. They’d rather watch TV instead, much like suburbanites of the 1950s would rather stay home and look at their box in the living room than go to theatres and see Droopy cartoons, or anything else. Dad-gum television indeed!

Avery’s regular crew of three credited animators—Lah, Clinton and Simmons—got screen credit on this, along with Ray Patterson and Bob Bentley.

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