Friday, 19 June 2015

An Ub-tastic Cartoon Show

Steve Stanchfield is, well, you don’t need me to tell you yet again what an outstanding job he’s doing ensuring cartoons that might be long forgotten are being restored and exposed to audiences, thanks to his company’s DVD releases. I hope you’ve been following his progress on Jerry Beck’s exemplary web stop, Cartoon Research.

Steve’s made a trip to the West Coast and some of his handiwork will be put on public display. I’m not anywhere near Los Angeles, but would urge anyone who is to go and see this. Here are portions of a news release about the event.

Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood - Sat, June 20, 2015 - 3:00pm.
Film preservationist Steve Stanchfield will turn back the hands of time and present a program of newly restored vintage cartoons on the big screen at the legendary Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. Stanchfield is a champion of rare and forgotten animation, and his company, Thunderbean Animation is helping preserve our cartoon heritage, utilizing modern digital technology to return these precious films to their former glory.
Highlights of the program include a newly restored copy of Ub Iwerks' "Hells Fire", presented uncut and in color for the first time since it debuted in 1934. Felix the Cat, the very first cartoon superstar, will be represented by pristine prints of "Felix the Cat Shatters the Sheik" and "Draggin' the Dragon (1926). There will be rare stop motion puppet films by Lou Bunin, a wartime training film made by Warner Bros that was never released to the troops, and rare films starring the deliciously obscure Mickey wanna-bes, "Cubby Bear" and "Binko the Cub".

The frame you see above from “Hell’s Fire” is not a restored version. So anyone going to the show can expect to see something even better.

Want to learn more about Binko? Click HERE and let historian Mike Mallory tell the story.

I don’t plug too many things around here, but looking at the programme being put together, it sounds like a great afternoon, so I thought I’d pass on word of it.

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