Friday, 16 January 2015

Starring Art Davis

Artie Davis not only animates, but appears in the 1933 Scrappy cartoon “The World’s Affair.” It’s a spoof of the inventions displayed at that year’s Chicago World’s Fair.

In a hair-restoration scene, a man has hair brushes help grow hair on the top of his head, but lose it on the sides. Then, it’s vice versa. Next the brushes up top create a dent in his head. A mallet bashes his chin from below and the head becomes round again, with one hair up top. The man is delighted.

Art was already bald when the Charlie Mintz studio packed up at left New York for Los Angeles in 1930 when he was 24. He stayed with the studio for a while after Mintz died in late 1939, then moved over to Warner Bros. where he achieved his greatest fame and made his best cartoons.

My thanks to Milton Knight for tipping me off about this cartoon.

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  1. Eric O. Costello16 January 2015 at 09:11

    I believe that Davis shows up in one of his own cartoons, "Bowery Bugs." It's been hypothesized that he's one of the gamblers seen in the background while Bugs (in his mode as Steve Brodie's "good luck mascot") shakes the dice.