Monday, 6 October 2014

Twirl of the Groundhog

Grover Groundhog shines a lamp against the wall as a spotlight and does a snappy little song and dance at the start of “One Meat Brawl” (released 1947). Grover does a nice little double twirl to Warren Foster’s and Carl Stalling’s “A Groundhog and His Shadow.”

Let’s see...tiny skull, big jowls. Must be a Bob McKimson cartoon. No animators are credited.


  1. :) "Wife and 72 children"...:) Stan Freberg is the voice of the groundhogm if I'm correct.:)One of McKimson's very early cartoons.

  2. I believe Art Davis animates the first part of the dance, and Rod Scribner takes over at some point during the twirl! Maybe this was done to mask the change?

  3. This is Charlton Woodchucks' forefather (Animaniacs reference).