Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Horton the Indian Elephant

Dr. Seuss was more than a children’s author who didn’t talk down to children. During World War Two, he was a political cartoonist for the New York-based newspaper PM.

Here’s one I came across from April 2, 1942 with a fairly familiar character.

If you’re unfamiliar with the incident depicted in the cartoon, check out this little summary.

Incidentally, PM has been scanned and put on line by the wonderful Tom Tryniski in Fulton, New York. Unfortunately, Tom’s tremendous, free collection of old newspapers isn’t searchable by individual paper (unless I’m too dense to figure it out). A general text search is easy enough, though. Click on HERE. It’s where many of the reprinted columns about old TV and radio (John Crosby columns being one of the exceptions) have been found as of late. Learn about Tom below. He’s a hero.

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