Tuesday, 18 March 2014

No Swearing Now

Big mouth, little head? Must be a Bob McKimson cartoon. Here’s a scene from “Paying the Piper,” released in 1949. Manny Gould at work?

The cat’s about to say something he shouldn’t. A convenient hand saves the ears of the movie theatre audience. The first drawing looks like something from a Bob Clampett cartoon.

Gould, John Carey, Chuck McKimson and Phil De Lara get the animation credits.

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  1. A transitional cartoon, based off Clampett (and Warren Foster's) "Pied Piper Poky". It's rethought and improved from the original (Porky doesn't simply vanish halfway through the short here) and the animation hasn't yet been tightened down by McKimson. But the cartoon also displays early signs over the over-talkiness of Bob's later efforts, and it seemed like they were a little stuck to figure out a way to end it when they came up with the 'cat steals the money' angle.