Friday, 8 November 2013

Yipe! A Monster

Bugs Bunny realises he’s just seen an orangey hairy monster wearing runners in “Hair-Raising Hare.” We get some takes. Here are a few of the drawings.

Chuck Jones is such a great director, he has Bugs change positions slightly every two frames until he feels the take has registered, then goes to the next pose and moves Bugs and the monster slightly again.

Then a swirl of lines for four frames (one drawing for each)…

And Bugs pulls out a sign from nowhere. But the gag isn’t over.

Bugs looks at the sign, does a few more takes, and then turns around the sign. Here are the drawings. No hand!

The animators credited in this one are Ben Washam, Ken Harris, Lloyd Vaughan and Basil Davidovich. Story by Tedd Pierce.


  1. It's interesting that Chuck essentially took a year's break from Bugs between early 1944 and mid-1945 (even accounting for the Technicolor processing delays), and when he returned to the character, even before starting his association with Mike Maltese, his comfort level with letting Bugs have a good time throughout the cartoon was far better, and the timing far sharper, than just a year earlier.

  2. That is Lloyd Vaughan's animation,he had a distinct way of drawing Bugs' face, he also tended to do the scenes when a character became very angry and started moving around in a fast motion like for instance in "For Scent-imental Reasons" when Pepe gets angry at Penelope for not opening the case she locked herself in.