Friday, 19 July 2013

Dog Doesn't Eat Dog

A dog meets a hot dog in the Oswald cartoon “All Wet” (1927). And like just about everything in a silent cartoon, the hot dog is alive.

It yelps when the dog tries to eat it.

The dog comforts the hot dog by patting it and telling the weiner to go.

The two wave goodbye to each other and part.

This is one of the Disney Oswalds. No word who animated it but guys like Harman, Ising, Maxwell and Hamilton were working for him at the time.


  1. And Harman and Ising reused the gag in Bosko's UPS 'N' DOWNS (even more grotesquely—the wienie, Jolson-like, calls the dog "Pappy," and the dog replies "Sonny boy!")

  2. This is Ham Hamilton's animation, Yowp.
    Thanks for the great posts, Mark Kausler