Thursday, 14 February 2013

What's Droopy Doing in There?

What’s Tex Avery’s most outrageous take in “Northwest Hounded Police”? There’s probably no answer to that one; fans have their own favourites, I’m sure. But one of the most outrageous ideas in the cartoon is the fact that Droopy is hiding in a lion’s stomach.

Heck Allen gets the story credit. The animators credited are Walt Clinton, Ed Love, Ray Abrams and Preston Blair.

And since we did it last time we posted about this cartoon, we’ll do it again. Check out Brandon Lyon’s blog for some clipped-together background pans from this cartoon.


  1. Heppy Birthday and RIP to Jack Benny.

  2. Happy B'day/RIP Jack Bennny.But OT for the post..maybe you meant it for one of the Jack Benny entries on this blog.:)SC